Kingsley, 2nd Ave Belleville, St. Michael

Reference No: KEYR1000

Rate:  USD$500 - USD$1,250  per month

Spacious offices available for rent in 2nd Avenue Belleville

A - $2,000.00/month inclusive of electricity currently rented

B - 127 sq.ft. $1,000.00/month inclusive of electricity

C - 735 sq.ft. $2,500.00/month inclusive of electricity

There are common spaces plus male and female bathrooms. 

There is some parking ourside the building.  

Close to Bridgetown, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and public transportation.

Electricity will be capped if the tenant has requirements is excess of usual office needs.

Bedrooms: 5

Bedrooms Detail:


Bathrooms: 2

Bathrooms Detail:

Gents and Ladies