Barbados Property Sales

Key Realty is an experienced Real Estate Agency and the focus of our service is to assist clients in finding:

In this regard we are qualified to provide information on the following matters:

Property Rentals

Short Term Rentals

These may be daily, weekly or monthly but would not exceed a period of six months.

For monthly rentals, a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is payable in advance and subsequent payments made on or before the first day of subsequent months.

Long Term Rentals

These involve the following:

  • Signature by Landlord and Tenant of a lease document for a specified period, usually with option to renew
  • Payment of the first and last month’s rent. A security deposit is sometimes included in the agreement
  • The terms of the lease will dictate who pays the utilities and the garden and pool maintenance where applicable
  • Termination of the Lease usually requires notice of not less than one month on either side.

Land Surveying

Key Realty provides Land Surveying services for persons in need of these services.

We are capable of having Cadastral surveys carried out by one of our Associates, recording these plans in the Land Survey Department and identifying and pointing out the boundary marks of the land.

Our services also include the execution of topographical and engineering surveys.

Land Development Consultants

Key Realty offers a comprehensive service in the development of land and these services include the following.

  • Advice on the existing and potential use of the land
  • Preparation of plans for the subdivision of land and the submission of these plans to the Town and Country Planning Office for permission to develop the land
  • Submission of subdivision plans to the various Agencies and Companies for the supply of water and electrical services and for the construction of Roads and drainage facilities
  • Estimate of cost of the development and determination of the potential selling price of the lots